Girlinky Log - Popdate 24.10.01

Last night’s gig at Barfly @ the Monarch passed pleasantly in a hazy beer fuddle. The punter numbers could be described as gargantuan/ enormous/ excessive, but if that were the case then Girlinky would be described as having their pants on fire. Small audience numbers, however, have never been a hindrance to true power-poppers. We’ve been told that The Police once played to an audience of two, and luckily enough one of those two was a music industry bigwig who skyrocketed them to fame. The only problems with this story are...

1) our audience mostly consisted of suspicious looking, loutish beer-guzzlers, none of whom appeared to be packing record contracts, and...

2) they don’t play a quirky, radio-friendly blend of pop-reggae or have choruses that go ‘ee-ohoh’ (would ‘oo oo oo’ do instead?).

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