Girlinky Log - Popdate 08.12.01

The last Girlinky gig of 2001 was a booze-soaked funfest – for the band, anyway…

The evening, held at the Garage in Highbury & Islington, was an eclectic and, some might say, ill-matched lineup of bands, as evidenced by the army of small teenagers wearing Korn sweatshirts, who voted with their feet at the sight of happy popstrels Girlinky.

The turnout was very pleasing, especially compared to the last gig’s invisible-to-the-naked-eye crowds. Dancing was also in evidence, as a few hopefuls shook their rumpo in an effort to be one of the final ten in Girlinky’s new project, ‘Pop Strumpet’.

Plenty of fun and alcohol was had by all, and none more so than Scott Brodie who rocked his skinny little ass off and succeeded in ‘trashing’ a mic stand, according to the powers-that-whine, who capped off an evening’s anti-Girlinkyism which had started with the soundman proclaiming his distaste of all things green.

A fitting end to the year for Girlinky, who are working on their devil-may-care rock and roll attitude – next gig we really will trash something, promise! Although we’ll probably apologise afterwards.

Onward and upward – or downward, if we’re to be geographically correct –to New Zealand, in search of novices to join the Girlinky nunnery…

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