Girlinky Log - Popdate 18.01.04

It's the inaugural Girlinky-hosted night of Space Boy Happy Time Pop and who can tell whether it's by design or providence but the supporters are out in full force and raring to go a matter of minutes after the gates come down.

It's a night of enforced short sharp shocks and first up are Brighton's Assistant who play the game with aplomb, delivering a glittery sparkly set of offerings; an auricular Heptathlon with angular and meandering guitars running alongside warm and swirling electronics and a vocal tag-team relay to boot.

Stalwart band substitute Malcolm puts in an excellent turn playing some great good time pop records between bands. Sadly no-one seems inspired to dance, but perhaps the traditional band-watching set-up is too ingrained to be easily overthrown. A late licence could happily tackle that striker.

The Strings keep it coming displaying some great control skills and teamwork. The opposition is easily trounced and all succumb to the foot-stomping antics on and off the field.

The calm delivery is in heightened contrast to the rioting at the door. Unforeseen demand leads to unfortunate over-subscription and a full scale pitch invasion threatens.

But the rumpus in the stalls is nothing compared to the onstage carnage about to erupt. Match officials start to look around nervously as Girlinky take up the challenge of continuing the recent trend of precariously ruinous behaviour.

With a perilously hyped up sprint of a set, the popped-up racquet* races past the finishing line before the adrenaline has time to subside. But not before drummer Rob's defences are finally breached by a low-flying bassist and especially fortunate audience members are treated to a wayward guitar attack.

If this kind of thing continues, somebody's going to break.

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* Yes, this was a pun too far.