Girlinky Tour Log: A ten point power pop personal delivery programme

Step 8: Sunderland Ku, 20th Nov
Unfortunately this night is cancelled due to an exploding sound system the previous day. The band sat around supping lucozade and munching Tunnock's Caramel Wafers, but, y'know, they could've totally rocked if they'd needed to.

Step 7: York Certificate 18, 19th Nov
York idding me (sigh) say all as the shortest drive ever delivers the band buoyed up and ready for another jaunt. And although the weather is still butt-ass-freezing, God managed to put on a spectacular day of vivid blue skies and bracing, Canadian-friendly air. After familiarising themselves with those two great bastions of British motorway life, Little Chef and the Travelodge, the band were finally able to rinse away the grime of the previous night's rocking. Although there's a comprehensive metal poster coverage and general non-pop seeming atmosphere, the band receive an open-armed reception and any inkling of death metal preoccupations are assuaged as AKP start up super-sharply with killer melodic basslines, angelic falsetto singing and the coolest electronic drumkit ever in the history of time, delivering a catchy set of screaming guitar pop. Then up step My Friend Juliet, notably shorter in the tooth than Girlinky and manifesting a sure onstage swagger, they play an energetic string of punky noise, as well as one soft and cuddly bass-led number that was almost just right for waltzing.

Step 6: Leeds Fenton, 18th Nov
In valiant efforts to stave off potential exhaustion, Sarah bravely steps up and volunteers to keep the rest of the band awake on the current epic van journey with her unique rendition of Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights'. Spirits boosted and energy regained by the action of silencing this shrieking banshee, the band were ready to make some serious noise. The Girlinky set was a poppy riot of, well, pop, starting out with old favourite 'Umbrella' and lurching through all your favourite powerpop classics to end with favourite number 'It's not cold in the snowglobe', suitably accompanied by a gentle fall of genuine frosty flakes outside. Proving to be more than freezing enough in the snowglobe, a welcome night of comfort was passed thanks to the kindness of friend connections and in possibly closer proximity than any band ever should, stuffed lion company notwithstanding.

Step 5: Nottingham Junktion 7, 17th Nov
Girlinky are minus the girl tonight after the Sarah 1000 blew a crucial circuit and had to stay behind for essential realignment work. So it's a stripped back, raw and unbridled 'Linky who finally stand up to be counted after a lengthy digression involving mistaken postcodes and The Middle Of Nowhere. Thankfully a viewing of the Metallica rockumentary the night before stands all in good stead for some serious noise production, although sadly no-one has a six month tantrum or shouts fuuuuuck repeatedly in anyone's face. The night kick starts with eminently watchable theatrics and compellingly unsettling rhythms from Lo Ego. The 'Linky threesome crank up before returning to home base to bring the full force team back together.

Step 4: Brixton Windmill, 10th Nov
Dog! Horse! Dog! Twenty-four hour supermarket! Bib prove unavoidably catchy and unwittingly provide the vocal soundcheck soundtrack for the rest of the tour. And What Will Be Left Of Them rack up the entertainment value with eminently watchable presence and great stomping tunes. A great London night out to punctuate the out of town forays.

Step 3: Bath Moles, 28th Oct
The elements conspire once more to present a formidable water barrier to heading out but it's not enough to deter the intrepid from an excellent Purr night. Discussions ensue as to the best cat name (Steve and Bandit forge through as popular contenders) before Scanners hit the stage boasting grand stances and delivering short belts of noddable riffing to widespread approval. The Girlinky stride kicks off to a staggered start as ungrateful instruments rebel mischievously but builds to a blistering 'It's Not Cold In The Snowglobe', segueing a playground of synth joy into guitar strewn mayhem and everyone surfaces in smiling tatters. The Hot Puppies playfully abound with wild singalongs and scifi theremin and it's a reluctant leaving party which has to head back all too early into the night.

Step 2: Hull Adelphi, 25th Oct
Spiriting themselves again along everlasting motorways, the group find themselves by the impressively mammoth Humber Bridge and ready to force their pop wares onto those brave enough to venture out into a largely uninviting Monday night. Hospitality stakes though are upped once more and are in danger of raising expectations of top treatment to a precariously unsustainable level. It's a suitably chaotic and compelling night featuring an array of audience members who pop up on the stage in slightly baffling succession, lending the atmosphere an eager momentum. This has the happy result of minimising road fatigue and Girlinky bounce up to give pop a satisfyingly good kicking. Lots of kind and friendly words are exchanged and an upbeat return to Girlinky HQ is made despite many a wide-eyed stare and fisticuffs over who gets control of the iPod.

Step 1: Preston Mill, 23rd Oct
Forging through unrelenting rain and unforgiving toll booths, Girlinky head north for the first night of sugar rushing. Warm receptions are received all round and the group enjoy welcome levels of camaraderie with highly entertaining bill-sharers the unfeasibly local Tin Gods and the unfeasibly youthful Halcyon. The stage is vast and rather than being obliged to barge and otherwise get in each other's way, the group have to make an effort to forge valiantly into each other's paths. The tour kicks off to a suitably rockin' start, the van holds up and everyone winds up intact despite inadvisable smoking breaks between diesel depositories and butane tanks and more snack breaks than could be legitimately justified. One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot fatter after this.

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