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Losing Today

"Technically we reviewed this a few months ago when it appeared courtesy of those dudes at Best Kept Secret, still no reason for not mentioning it again and let’s face it how could we resist being as it is so delectable you could almost kiss it. Originally intended for release at the tale of last year but pressing plant cock ups and the small matter of someone running away with a sack of the bands hard earned cash meant that throughout the festive season and beyond our four intrepid wide eyed indie kids have had to busy themselves doing extra hours down the salt mines in order to get together the dosh to put this out themselves. ‘It’s the sugar rush’ is by far the best thing the quartet have put out to date, irresistibly melting dream driving summer pop of the highest order as catchy as fuck and cute with it, boy / girl vocals, whirly pop backdrops and a crunching finale that kicks like a truckload of buckaroo mules, still overall sounds to these ears like a lunar Dean Friedman – cosmic twee pop anyone? Flip the disc for two more fulsome fun time cuts that provide if anything, evidence that these kids are beginning to bore of their confines and are soon to flee the nest to wrap that tag of next big thing around your neck. ‘You’re no fun’ despite it sounding like a ringer for Joe Jackson’s ‘Steppin’ Out’ albeit wired, trips out of the tracks at such a pace that left to lesser beings would sound distressed and in disarray, arguably BiS like but with a Helen Love obsession and an ability to turn on a corkscrew at the drop of a hat. ‘Science has all the answers’ indeed it might but then so does my gargantuan tome ‘Everything you needed to know about and more besides’ but that’s another story for a later day, meanwhile back at melody central the Girlinky kids conspire to concoct a devilish plot to mesmerise the world by flooding the airwaves with more whirly pop mechanics replete with more hooks than an anglers tackle box – essential for those that had forgotten what perfect prickly pop sounded like – so what are you waiting for – go out and get it."


Norman Records

"It's a reasonable slab of art pop that recalls Grand National. The lady and man vocals swap over a lot which is always a good thing in my opinion. I think the record could do with much meatier production - it all sounds a bit weak which is a shame as you don't really get the dynamic of the thing. There's a lot of different bits in the songs - the synths make it have a bit of a New Wavey feel. There's something here definitely.......someone give them some money."