Girlinky Log - Popdate 03.10.02

A low key affair for the 'Linkies at the rather lovely Water Rats Theatre, with only a hint of the usual drama and acting up.

It was the first outing for the band's new recruit though, the Akai-Sarah-3000-Sampling-Device. It's digital precision sat in marked contrast to the ever random behaviour of the rest of the band, provoking cries for greater attitude and enthusiasm from the silicon machine.

However, it's circuitry stood resolute and apparently impervious to the visible restraint of the punters who seemed content to remain in the bar, contemplating their impending exposure to the more serious rockings of the later bands.

More proof, if it was needed, that computers will never take over the world. Or if they did, their music would probably sound like Kraftwerk meets S Club Jrs. No wait, that sounds great! All hail the robot masters!

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