2002 Popdates

The Verge 25.11.02
"case of the mondays? nothing of it"

Water Rats 03.10.02
"computers will never take over the world"

Metro Club 17.08.02
"bringing home a saturday night just how it should be: brash, headstrong and voluminous"

The Verge 11.06.02
"jerking and gyrating like an extra in a bad soap pretending to die of electrocution"

Single Launch 09.05.02
"'Hai Wakarimashita' as it was meant to be - scratchy, rumpled and real loud"

Vacation time 12.04.02
"'The Girlinky Players Sing Girl From Ipanema And Other Mediterranean Favourites'"

The Underworld 26.03.02
"widdlying, riffs and jams a-plenty(?!)"

The Underworld 08.02.02
"a nerdier and less co-ordinated collection of spasms would be unimaginable"

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