Girlinky Log - Popdate 25.11.02

Case of the Mondays? Nothing of it. Girlinky turn out in full force to kick start the week, leaving no attending souls untrampled in their wake.

The Strings kick off the night's action at The Verge with suitable aplomb, tackling any trace of early week apathy with their own infectious melodies and stamp your feet pop.

Showing no regard for (or is that awareness of?) Monday definitely not contending to be the new Friday, the 'Linkies turn the week on its head and rampage through a set of noised-up quick-fire fiendish hymns. Move over garage, this is pop leaving you like you'd been run over by a melodic juggernaut.

This was the last date of the year for the 'Linky, but rest assured they will return in full force to support the unleashing of the tidal wave of pop barely contained within the new 'I Want The Tsunami' long player. We can't wait.

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