Girlinky Log - Popdate 07.01.03

It's the coldest night since records began and everyone's in some dire need of hotting up. Lucky for us then, that Series 7 appear, boasting all the right moves and the attitude to back it up. Hearts are soon kick-started and there is little resistance to the noise assault and mic-twirling antics up front.

In characteristically high spirits, Girlinky storm about, kicking up a fuss and enjoying the ensuing disturbance to the point of thanking foul-mouthed hecklers for their enthusiasm.

It's a talkative 'Linky out tonight with barely a lull amid the between song ramblings, sampler-goading and excessive use of the word 'baby'. If there's ever a demand for stand-up irrelevancy, there's more than one career ready to go right here.

Deciding that encores are only for insecure ego-freaks Girlinky provide one final twist in the form of super-quiet rendition of forever-in-the-wings lo-fi singalong 'Bugs' which sees everyone off into the freezing night with a warm farewell.

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