2003 Popdates

Shortest tour ever (II) 30.11.03
"unreasonably complicated demands and excess of overly contrived technology"

Shortest tour ever (I) 27.11.03
"some quality gat-on-bass action with fretboards getting a little too intimate"

Buffalo Castle II 28.08.03
DIY log special

Underworld Spice 21.07.03
"dissenters were isolated from the audience mid-song to be wrestled to the ground"

93 Club Windmills 30.06.03
"what exaggerated lies will they be able to generate next in the name of lowbrow entertainment?"

Buffalo Castle 27.05.03
"drank everyone else's share of everything and proceeded to babble incoherently for most of the evening"

The Rescue & The Spotted Dog 01.05.03
"restoring the final corner of the power quadrilateral that is team Girlinky"

LSE 12.03.03
"maybe it's the futuristic Blake's 7 style pipe system"

Album launch 21.02.03
"scientists held their breath as a grand array of hi-fidelity devices and contrivances powered up in anticipation"

The Verge 17.01.03
"enter stage right, Girlinky brandishing their instruments with portentous grins"

The Metro 07.01.03
"barely a lull amid the between song ramblings, sampler-goading and excessive use of the word 'baby'"

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