Girlinky Log - Popdate 17.01.03

Scene: A cold still night at The Verge, Kentish Town. Enter stage right, Girlinky brandishing their instruments with portentous grins.

Onlooker1: What's all this then?

Girlinky set about the audience with repeated stabs of nerve-tickling noise-pop.

Onlooker1: Hmm, catchy yet gripping. I think I like it.

Onlooker2: Yes, I find their particular brand of infectious tunes and riotous antics a giddy cocktail. I want more!

Onlooker1: Who could resist such a jubilant commotion? Only the coldest of hearts could remain untouched!

Sceptic: But surely, music is about being aloof, self-important and inflicting disdainful mediocrity onto all those present?

Everyone: No way! All hail Girlinky! We want the tsunami!

Girlinky punch the air in ramshackle synchrony before retiring to their secret offshore volcano base to make final adjustments to their gigantic wave-making machine...

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