Girlinky Log - Popdate 01.05.03

Finally we can reveal the successful mission of a crack team of Girlinky operatives working behind enemy lines - the liberation of missing member Sarah, held on a remote prison island for the last six months by the enemies of pop.

Barely had her heels hit London soil than she was rushed urgently to the cavernous Spotted Dog in Willesden to restore the final corner of the power quadrilateral* that is team Girlinky. The re-amplified foursome then careened their way through a triumphantly shambolic set with barely time to acknowledge the resumption of full pop force.

Group friction soon surfaced however as the Akai-Sarah-3000-Sampling-Device refused to co-operate with its returning human namesake and sulked moodily beside the drumkit for the duration of the night.

Can the human-machine alliance be restored or will we forever be at odds with our digital counterparts? Only 01110001 will tell.

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* officially, the most argued over word in existence