Girlinky Log - Popdate 27.05.03

Old and young alike were thrilled this month at the news of a plethora of perfomances by ordinarily elusive popstrels Girlinky.

The band cemented their reputation as the hand-knitted cardies to the rest of the music world's raunchy tassled leather jackets by playing Islington's Buffalo Bar in a state of unneccesary sobriety - except for Scott, who drank everyone else's share of everything and proceeded to babble incoherently for most of the evening.

A mere few days later the group attacked Camden's Dublin Castle in a spirit of over-indulgence not seen since the vikings sacked a brewery town. More than ably accompanied by a stirling line-up, the 'Linkies struggled with the dilemma of pacing themselves, and eventually just decided not to bother and gave themselves over to the lure of personal ruin.

And there's more to come - the band venture outside the protective cocoon of London to hawk their ditties in, shocks, another town. What can become of it all?

The Leopard

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