Girlinky Log - Popdate 30.06.03

Ah, the summery month of June. Rather than eschewing the one chance of British-based sunshine fun by nicking off to package-tour hell, Girlinky stick around to bask in the heat of the capital and explore some exotic locations closer to home.

Taking the summer-pop powder-keg to audiences across the vast empire of London, this month saw thrills aplenty in new territories for the 'Linkies, venturing as far afield as E1 and SW2.

Boldly advancing into these foreign surrounds, the ragged foursome mounted energetic assaults hoping to brazen down the exotic clientele by not standing still long enough to be counted (or make eye contact with anyone).

So now long tales can be exchanged with the best of them. Wide-eyed company can be regaled with tales of the customs and folk of these strange and indescribable lands.

But wait! News is afoot of further escapades across the whole country no less. Could this just be the warm-up for the big push? What strange adventures await the group outside the confines of their sheltered existence? And what exaggerated lies will they be able to generate next in the name of lowbrow entertainment?

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