Girlinky Log - Popdate 21.07.03

The summer continues, as does Girlinky's fight against the ever-increasing mediocrity that threatens to engulf the nation in a dark cloud of simple-minded pap. Like The Nothing in The Never Ending Story but with less pointless (yet somehow inevitable) sequels and no dragon-dog.

Impervious to reason, the bold team of sonic missionaries sought to convert the multitudinous unbelievers from their soulless existences through the medium of brief stabs of exultant noise. (Those sets just keep getting more compact. Like plastic explosives.)

So fervent was their belief this month that individual dissenters were isolated from the audience mid-song to be wrestled to the ground until they repented their doubting ways. Or was that the other way around? No matter, we make the records around here so our word is law.

So, infidels beware! Girlinky bring salvation for all those wishing to avoid an eternal damnation of musical mediocrity. Pull down your false idols before they suck you down to their terrible level. (We don't need to name names - you can see it in their hollow eyes. Bow your heads in shame foul purveyors of uninspired insipidness!!)

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