Girlinky Log - Popdate 27.11.03

Girlinky kicked off their World's Shortest Tour Leg One by playing their opening/closing tour gig at the Casbah in Sheffield, which they pronounced to be a Very Fine Place.

The band felt warmly welcomed into the bosom of Sheffield, where the people are inordinately friendly and eager to help out a lost troupe of wary pop-slingers. The group responded in kind with a set that was loud, ramshackle and featured some frenzied climactic writhing.

As an interval to November's mini-mini-tour, Girlinky ventured into the East End to the Toynbee Arts Cafe. First up were Spiderbaby, who played a great poppy set and tried to entice the 'Linky contingent back to theirs with talk of the whiskey-fuelled high life.

Girlinky took the stage next for a rollicking, noisy performance, featuring Chris and Scott engaging in some quality gat-on-bass action with fretboards getting a little too intimate.

Drummer Rob and his shiny kit lived up to their combined nickname 'engineer's nemesis' by reaching dangerously high volumes for such an enclosed space. The misbehaviour of the rowdy, oafish boys was, as usual, counterbalanced by synth-noodler Sarah, who was "a paragon of virtue and sobriety". Fearful of her withering stare, the Sarah-3000 refused to continue and lurked dolefully in the corner.

Lux wrapped the night up in a flurry of shouty vocals and general all-around bounciness, exuding more energy than a classful of young Ritalin addicts.

Stay tuned for the 'World's Shortest Tour Leg Two' tour, which hits the throbbing metropolis of Leicester...

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