Girlinky Log - Popdate 30.11.03

More friendly and feisty out-of-London-ers were met with in Leicester as part of this month's mini-mini tour.

Spending some desperate hours trapped in freezing isolation in a van with band members bravely attempting sorties to seek out some sustenance (ie an off licence), Girlinky were consistently thwarted by Madame Fate, that dry-humoured lady of the night, who permitted them only to discover some life-restoring nectar the precise second the venue doors finally parted to admit them.

Once inside, the band set about attempting to destroy yet another engineer with their unreasonably complicated demands and excess of overly contrived technology.

The night was kicked off at a suitably progressive hour by The Heights who ended their set with an excellent, all-round head-nod producing guitar widdly.

Next up were The Carolgees, who whipped up an engaging whirlwind of melodic rumbunctuous noise. Their soon-to-be-released ep is sure to be ace.

After shaking their collective booty and sharing their increasingly rowdy pop songs with a whole new part of the country, Girlinky sped away into the night. Big thanks to Jim the imperturbable driver who saved the band from the precarious nature of their own devices (and ghostly tarpaulins on the road).

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