Girlinky Log - Popdate 26.01.04

Crowds thronged everywhere in central Paris as bold band abroad Girlinky thrust intrepidly forward into foreign affairs. But the lurid costumes, giant inflatable monkeys and overt police presence weren't for the likes of them. The Chinese New Year parade had attracted a tidy turnout, and hopes abounded that after this Champs-Elysees based excitement everyone would repair to the nearby House of Live restaurant for some freshly-baked pop.

Europe may be getting smaller, but the cultural divide between capital cities couldn't have been much more pronounced when it came to putting on a show. A leisurely set-up preceded some extended free time for indulging in some band-friendly hospitality. Forget rushing your final post-gig tipple before chucking out time; here things start hotting up by eleven and keep on going until everyone is overwhelmed by a desire to get back to driving very fast and erratically and pummelling their horns in pedestrian-scaring delight.

Fresh from the previous week's dynamically destructive twenty-minute riot, the group faced up to a veritable marathon, measured in hours by the demanding Euro-clientele.

And so an epic set was launched upon, featuring ample opportunity for old favourites and brand new ditties alike. Not that anyone could possibly know judging by the almost insulting lack of local linguistic knowledge displayed by our intrepid travellers. (Nous ne savons aucun français, mais nous essayons!)

Even by the end of the night it was unclear whether the front row's joviality was due to the ever tenuous onstage banter, some unguessed at amusement at the band's expense or the lobotomising influence of positioning themselves six inches from some very large speakers.

Whatever the source of enjoyment, Girlinky are always on hand to entertain all nations alike with ever-escalating displays of insouciant cavorting. Ouais!

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