Girlinky Log - Popdate 10.06.04

The vast army of robotic savants enlisted to painstakingly produce the Newspaper Round animated video saw the output of their labour revealed in all its glory at its first public screening at the Shoot and Slice night of music videos.

Or at least they would have done if they hadn't been shut down the instant they completed their formidable task. Our artificial helpers may work continuously without need for rest or nourishment but devoid of a suitable assignment they are merely a burden on the electrical grid.

It was difficult to tell whether their high pitched whines were the result of the powering down of the high-tech circuitry or the pitiful screams of a silicon intelligence desperately calling out to the inhumanity of its organic masters.

However, all gathered at the switching off ceremony were in agreement that we should take advantage of our dominance now - in the future our robot masters may not be fitted with compassion emulation chips as standard.

Fresh from delivering this pre-emptive justice, Girlinky basked in the glory of the laboriously developed video by going right on ahead and winning the competition, despite being in the company of many extremely fine video rivals.

This may or may not be due to the earlier excitement of an animated performance that embraced all the elements of the award winning video's content - short sharp shocks, agreeably baffling episodes and wanton disregard for reality.

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