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'Newspaper Round', is taken from the I Want The Tsunami album and was released in July 2004 on Dedear Records. You can buy it from the shop.

Track listing

1. Newspaper Round
Heavy Hitter Club
It's Not Cold In The Snowglobe

Animated video

Watch the video in Windows Media Player format:
Lo-res version (2.7MB)
Hi-res version (21.6MB)

Go to Shoot and Slice for Quicktime (11.1MB) and Real Audio Player (1MB) formats.

Stills from the animated video:









The animated video was produced in collaboration with Futronica, Broken Heart Foundation and Sugar Spook.

The animation was voted best music video at the Shoot and Slice June screening event.


Press release

Take a look at the press release comic, based on the animated video.



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