Girlinky Log - Popdate 08.02.02

Friday's gig at the underworld kicked off with The Chasers, who unknowingly provided the soundtrack to an impromptu Girlinky members' dance party backstage - a nerdier and less co-ordinated collection of spasms would be unimaginable.

Having danced up a drizzle, the band trotted onstage to hawk their poppy wares to the punters. There were a few fitful spates of rock posturing from the 'Linky, and a collection of enthusiastic souls jiggled around with gay abandon, and prepared their eardrums for the onslaught of The Strings, who played a euphoric set ending with a descent into rock chaos.

Girlinky awoke the next morning with the sound of the previous night ringing in their ears, a moderate hangover, stinky smoke hair, and a sense of gleeful anticipation for the next adventure.

Details to follow soon...

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