Girlinky Log - Popdate 26.03.02

Somehow Girlinky managed to find themselves supporting Dead Men Walking at the Camden Underworld. The Deads are kind of like the Camden version of the Travelling Wilburys, featuring lots of local muso types who have been in 'successful' bands and other slightly lesser known but surely just as super ones. There was widdlying, riffs and jams a-plenty, as if the Eagles and Matchbox 20 had started a fight and then decided things would be much nicer if they all just got along.

Miaow! I hear you say. And yes, Girlinky agree that it's not really on to rag on fellow musicians, whatever their bent may be. Each to their own, and all that. Truth be told, it's likely the audience thought worse things about Girlinky than what Girlinky thought about Dead Men Walking. And after all, they can pull in the punters paying 12 quid a head and Girlinky can't. So they win, sort of.

Girlinky still managed to enjoy the gig, despite repressed explosions at being instructed to play 'quietly' and being banned from a full drum kit. The audience wasn't all bad, and even a few head wiggles and bobby knees were sighted.

The keyboards were abandoned to let Girlinky focus on the guitars (real reason: Girlinky couldn't be bothered carrying them from the flat to the tube station), and the band had a nice poppy time until the end of the set, when they cranked the amps up to a daring and outrageous 7.5 to finish with new single 'Hai! Wakarimashita!'.

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