Girlinky Log - Popdate 17.08.02

Ah, noise. The Heathrow flight path. Volcanic eruptions. None of these compare with the incredible array of din coming from David Mitchell's guitar. We were impressed and so should you be. Ghost Club did the business, bringing home a Saturday night just how it should be: brash, headstrong and voluminous.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. We haven't even told you about the low-down dirty work-out provided by The Hawn yet. Drawing everyone in from the outset, their rough-edged croony urgency set the tone all right.

And Girlinky? Well, sitting in the middle of their own put-together bill, they dashed their little hearts out on the altar of pop. The bright lights, the racing hearts, the leaping, the shouting…

Hey, we should get together more often.

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