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Hai Wakarimashita! is the second single, available on super-quality blue vinyl and released on Girlinky's own Dedear Records and through Shellshock Distribution. Buy it now.

Listen to:
1. Hai Wakarimashita
2. I Dare You To Make Me Happy
3. Swimmingly

Watch the video:
hai wakarimashitaaaah!!hai wakarimashitaaaah!!hai wakarimashitaaaah!!
Click here to take a look at the Hai Wakarimashita video.

What we say about Hai Wakarimashita

Hai is what happens when you take a mess of cranked geetar, a stumbling rhythm that defies all belief by staying together, whooping, glorious sounds with no discernible earthly origin and add a disgruntled office worker close to explod… oops, there he goes!


What others have said about Hai Wakarimashita

Losing Today (link)

Oh and what can we say about Girlinky other than clever bastards, all four of them. Girlinky are one of indie pop’s anomalies, too trashy for twee, too twee for trash, can we settle on twee-trash then. Coming from the same side of the street as bands like Zea and to a certain extent Philadelphia’s zap pop duo Winterbrief, Girlinky share an undying love for games, electronics and simplified hand holding pop, and these obvious delights are borne out in their attrition based schizoid melodies. ‘Hai Wakarimashita!’ is a real dinky tune that’s been put to the chainsaw, those familiar with the warped pop of Fonda 500 will swoon by this, jutting angular chords wayward electronics, sort of reminds you of the Ramones being serviced by manic casios. ‘I dare you too make me happy’ starts out all early morning Radio 2, had to re-check it wasn’t Dean Friedman or latter day Yes for a second, then it fizzles and pops into a rather bristling gem of a song, still sounds like latter day Yes though. ‘Swimmingly’ is definitely the pick of the three, frenzied pop packaged with deliciously frenetic chorus lines, quick driving scatter fire dynamics and feel good harmonies, proves you just can’t keep a feisty ditty down. If your still not convinced, it’s pressed on lovely blue vinyl.


Penny Black (link)

With winter already on its way, and the year nearly at an end, Girlinky have just released one of the sunniest, brightest records of the last twelve months with 'Hai Wakarimashita', their new vinyl only single... Read whole review

Rough Trade Shop (link)

Glorious three track blue vinyl pop 7" from Girlinky. Cranked guitars and stumbling rhythms like the first singles from midget and snug.

Kathodik (link)

New Zealander of origin, this young person and interesting ensemble shoegazer answered until to a pair of years or is to the name of Inchworm, acronym with which has published two album, before traslocare to London in January of 2000 renaming Girlinky. In attended of the debut on the long distance, 7"autoprodotto "Hai wakarimashita!" it is the single second, making followed "My huge head", that it has marked the debut of the new course, and, with its three traces of uncontrollable noise pop/rock, confirmation all the good impressions opportunely aroused from this last one. With title-track the most sharp guitars rasoiate are made road suon of, supported from an incessant one rullar of tamburi, but the true goduria arrives in opening of the side b, with the debit you to make me happy, that it concurs with all the harmony of this band to emerge, clearly showing the several infuences that concur to characterize of the sound: Indimenticati Weezer, Rentals and the Hummingbirds. Absolutely sweeping. Now, but, we want the album.
[Translated by Google 'cos we don't know much Italian.]

Syft Records, Japan (link)

This is going to be another big hit. Definitely a club hit. Recommended corner.

Hai badges!

These highly desirable items were bandied about during the release of Hai. There are still a few left so if you want one, email us.