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It's The Sugar Rush
Dedear014, released Mar-05
3-track single - 7" vinyl

£2.50 incl. p&p

Newspaper Round
Dedear013, released Jul-04
3-track single - 7" vinyl

£2.50 incl. p&p

I Want The Tsunami!
Dedear012, released Mar-03
12-track debut album - cd

£6 incl. p&p

Hai Wakarimashita!
Dedear011, released Oct-02
3-track single - blue 7" vinyl

£2.50 incl. p&p

My Huge Head
Dedear010, released Oct-01
3-track single - cd

£2.50 incl. p&p

An almost unlimited range of design/colour combinations. Take a look at the options.
£6.50 incl. p&p

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