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What we say about My Huge Head...

Infectious meaningless first single which left a swathe of pop casualties repeatedly humming the mwa-oh mwa-oh electronic motif all the way home and jumping up and down like they just didn't care.


What others have said about My Huge Head...

Play Louder (link)

Elsewhere, and operating in thrillingly not overly dissimilar territory, we find Girlinky releasing 'My Huge Head' on Dedear Records, and what an out-of-the-blue glittery trinket of a thing it is. Hailing from both tips of the planet (we know not exactly where, but such is life when dealing with littler combos...), theirs is a bewitching marriage of well-chosen alt.reference points from their respective homelands, splicing Feeder-styled universal melodicism and Go-Betweens-esque chordal feng shui and sneaking in both some Stars In Bob Mould's Eyes plaintiveness and flowery-skirted damply glowing female vocals. You're right, it is as in possession of a platinum-plated indie card as they come, but, unlike a still-disconcerting amount of material emerging from the geetar underground, it's done with intelligence, passionate ambition, and no little sense of style. Worth the required hunt.

Penny Black (link)

The group play ramshackle, rumbustious rock in the mode of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. The title track combines siren-style guitars and razor sharp boy-girl harmonies with a surreal, wacky lyric about relationship grief. 'My Umbrella', which finds Rob out of sorts and wanting to hide from the world and especially his girlfriend, is equally offbeat. The more brooding 'Midden', which has Sarah on vocals, meanwhile bounces bubbling echoes of synthesiser against sudden injections of noisy guitar. Far cleverer and more cohesive than its deliberately chaotic sound at least initially implies, 'My Huge Head' is wry, witty highly entertaining pop that grows with each new airing.

Rough Trade Shop (link)

Endearing second single from this fine Anglo-Antipodean four piece featuring striking female vocals. Girlinky's brand of indie rock is steeped in that classic eighties Aussie/New Zealand.

Underground Society Music Magazine (link)

It is increasingly hard to manage to follow what the majors companies offer to us. In the case of Girlinky which could be very well on one of them, one will say simply that their pop melody music to what to make followers. But on the 3 titles "My Huge Head", "Umbrella" and "Midden" it misses especially the personal leg. With more work, this group will be able to offer a more significant and personal music to us.
[Translated from French, poorly we imagine, by Google.]