What Unpeeled magazine say about I Want The Tsunami

"A saner and neater take on the Japanese national sport of deconstructing the pop rock mainframe and putting it back together with the aid of whisky, Sid barret and a second hand record shop gets you this. 'This' being an odd collection of tunes that vary in fabness from very to very, very, very. A sample of the merely fab would be the opener 'Newspaper Round'where Jarvis Cocker appears to be fronting early Genesis and the very, very, very fab is represented by 'Hai Wakarimashita!', which, if my Shogun filtered Japanese is recalled correctly, means 'Yes That's Right!" and just to confuse things a little the tune is a bouncy euro-pop thing that's impaled itself on a big ole fuzz riff in a way that John Barret would approve of nearly as much as I do. Yet, the finest moment is 'My Huge Head', a fractured stop-start cross-switched vox n guitar attack that's a blend of Bis n Rezillos and almost as cool as its synth riff. They invite you to visit www.girlinky.com so, off you go then."