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The debut album is up and out now, released on our own Dedear Records and through Shellshock Distribution. Buy it now.

Track listing:

1. Newspaper Round
2. Hai Wakarimashita
3. I Dare You To Make Me Happy
4. Dunedin
5. Mister Convoluted
6. Swimmingly
7. Don't Talk To Me, Talk To Ricky
8. Cowboy Conscience
9. The Dedicated Lounger
10. New Rock
11. My Huge Head
12. Kim Deal Called Me A Pussy


Cover art and inlay:

look through the inlay..

Take a look at the album cover and inlay.


What we say about I Want The Tsunami:

"Girlinky are in love with pop. But the object of their affection is as duplicitous as they are..." More...


What others say about I Want The Tsunami:

Losing Today Magazine

"Ingenuous pop carnage for all..." More...

Careless Talk Costs Lives Magazine

"Classy Super-Pop! with a capital ! That fizzes like a mouthful of salted cola bottles..." More...

Bang Magazine

"tunes that could crack a smile on even the coolest electro-nerd's face..." More...

Logo Magazine

"A quirky mix of quickfire electronica and a wealth of surprisingly astute vocal harmonies..." More...

Unpeeled magazine

"deconstructing the pop rock mainframe and putting it back together with the aid of whisky, Syd Barret and a second hand record shop..." More...

Rock Sound magazine

"when racing through the stop-and-go wizardry of tracks like 'Hai Wakarimashita!' they're quite magical..." More...

Penny Black

"London based half British half Antipodean Girlinky make a splash with their debut album..." More...

Beat Junky, Japan

"it is noisy super catch - it is the popularity guitar pop band with the pop..." More...


Syft Records, Japan

"The first and second singles sold well. Girlinky's remarkable full album!"



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