What Logo magazine say about I Want The Tsunami

"Girlinky, an Anglo-New Zealand electro hybrid formed in early 2001, base their music around a quirky mix of quickfire electronica and a wealth of surprisingly astute vocal harmonies that allow innumerable forays into the territory of commercial appeal. Commendably resistant to the attraction of utilising thorny vocals and icy analogue haemorrhages a la the erratic lure of Electroclash, 'I Want The Tsunami's appeal resides in its undeniable warmth and surprisingly appealing un fashionista leanings. Whether it's the tussling with a delicate chorus on the sublime opening lurch of 'Newspaper Round' (Ladytron gagged, blindfolded and threated with melody shock treatment), or galloping through the childlike simplicity of 'Swimmingly', Girlinky shun contemporaneous appeal for a sound that's passe but sporadically wonderful. Impressively out of step."