What Beat Junky say about I Want The Tsunami

"Next big things of 2003: #11 Girlinky

Don't you think? in those where it is noisy super catch - it is the popularity guitar pop band with the pop. Also it is highest in the man vocal pico- pico- to have made the chorus of the girl. So far, 2 single focusing on the import board house gathered topic even in Japan, but finally this month release of the debut album decides in the last third. E.g., past of the title such as the 'ai Wakarimashita'release it does single, Japanese hobby a little? It is he and the like who showed also the place, but title of the debut album 'the I want the tsunami!'. We want the tidal wave, the ? which seems it does! Only it calls in being disgusted ? Japan, probably will be!"

[Confusingly translated by babelfish.]