What Bang magazine say about I Want The Tsunami

"The analogue electronica bandwagon has become a little overloaded of late, but Girlinky's indie-lite version - jolting guitar lines that weren't even original when Sleeper used them nearly a decade previously - won't take up much room. And yet it's surprising how plain likeable I Want The Tsunami is - all warm, summery pop with power-chords to supplement the synths. In the same way that it's impossible to really dislike Feeder, no matter how predictable their music is (at least one of their songs will get its hooks into your head), Girlinky have tunes that could crack a smile on even the coolest electro-nerd's face. Exotically titled opener 'Newspaper Round' replaces Ladytron's cool robotica with Coldplay-esque hiccuping vocal lines and girly harmonies, while 'Mister Convoluted', the one with the hooks, adheres to a minimal verse/big chorus formula to produce an explosive guitar-driven pop song worthy of any vodaphone advert. And that keyboard sound is lifted from Magazine's 'Give Me Everything', trainspotters."