Girlinky Log - Popdate 21.02.03

The I Want The Tsunami! album release at The Verge.

As the planets aligned, the waters stirred and iconic statues shed a holy tear, it was clear that the grand unleashing of the wave was nigh..

Scientists held their breath as a grand array of hi-fidelity devices and contrivances powered up in anticipation. Dials flailed and colourful displays registered curious readings as they struggled to fathom the swelling tide..

Breaking in rapid succession, the gathered crew were relentlessly doused with repeated swells of noisy pop. With no lifeboats at hand, all submitted to the current, carried away in the storm of air punching and jubilant commotion..

Drowning in an epic flood of enthusiasm, the survivors clung to the crest as the 'Linky sailed through the whole Tsunami, damming the flow only after a final two stormy extras..

With the fervent tempest finally unleashed, rest assured that the only respite will come when the world is awash with good-time hai-five cranked pop. Yeh!

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