Girlinky Log - Popdate 09.05.02

The Hai Wakarimashita! single release at the Bull & Gate.

And so another night of frolicsome mirth passes, offering the audience a chance to hear 'Hai Wakarimashita' as it was meant to be - scratchy, rumpled and real loud.

The night kicked off with super-beepy, impeccably-keyboarded Man Atom, followed by minimalist Mercatto, then Girlinky's favourite English lads The Strings, with another poppy shouty riot that had everyone jiggly around excitedly.

The shiny blue Hai! singles found many a new home during the night and everyone without a good excuse was forced to proudly sport a snazzly Hai! badge.

Special guest vocals were provided by karaoke master Daniel Nicholls who showed everyone how it's done - watch your back Rob...

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