Final news
Girlinky have been winding down over the last 6 months. This site will no longer be updated, but the content will stay up for now.

New game
The It's The Sugar Rush game puts you in charge of the mighty LAZOR with the daring remit to destroy Girlinky. More..

It's The Sugar Rush
The new single is released on March 7th. MP3s, the video and press release can be found here..

Video screening
The 'It's The Sugar Rush' video will be screened as part of the Shoot and Slice event on Sunday 6th Feb at The Buffalo Bar, Islington. Update: Girlinky win best video.

New single delayed
The 'It's The Sugar Rush' single has unfortunately been delayed until March due to folk royally messing us up. (We can only hope those responsible fall into the pit of Carkoon and are slowly digested over a thousand years.)

New video online
The Art Deco inspired animated/ live action video to accompany new single 'It's The Sugar Rush' is now online. More..

Sugar Rush tour
Girlinky head out on a ten date tour to celebrate imminent new single, 'It's The Sugar Rush'. More..

You Know Nothing
A brand new game is now online: You Know Nothing is a trivia quiz with a distinctly Girlinky bent. More..

New single out soon  
A new single, 'It's The Sugar Rush', featuring a live-action/animated hybrid video and two new b-sides is out late November. More..

A three-song demo of previously unreleased Girlinky tracks appears on Italian label Best Kept Secret. More details..

Newspaper Round  
The new single is released on 12th July on our own Dedear Records. Join the celebrating at the release gig on Saturday 17th July.

Hey deejay
Girlinky air their record collections as part of the Action for Street Children cocktail party on 3rd July at Joya, Twickenham.

Video screening
The 'Newspaper Round' video is being shown as part of the Shoot and Slice evening of music videos on Sunday June 6th at The Buffalo Bar, Islington.
Girlinky win best video.

Girlinky tees 
Treat yourself from the new range of Girlinky apparel. More..

New single out soon
'Newspaper Round' will be released as a single in July, accompanied by a fully animated video. More..

Space Boy Happy Time Pop 2
The night of pop returns on Saturday 20th March at The Dugout Cafe, Golders Green.

More new tunes 
Recording continues apace, with new demos for Scientific, Glad She's On Our Side and Heavy Hitter Club. Expect live appearances real soon.

Space Boy Happy Time Pop
Girlinky host a night of pop boasting three bands and lots of great pop records on Saturday 17th January at The Spice of Life, Soho.

Newspaper Round 
Plans are afoot for a single release of 'Newspaper Round' in the new year. A team of diligent automata are also working on a completely animated video.

Back from a short break from public exhibitionism, Girlinky head out for a few dates out of town this month. Check here for details.

Hai video!
The Hai Wakarimashita video is now available online! Check it out here.

Site update 
Yup, the ever-expanding content means that we've had to re-organise a bit. Confused? Check the new site map or click randomly for unpredictable rewards.

New demos
Following a spate of live appearances a brief hiatus has been in order to work on some new recordings at Schisen Studios: "Let's Have a Fight"; "Danger of Death" and "It's the Sugar Rush".

Hai video!
Work has just finished on the all new video for Girlinky's 2nd single, Hai Wakarimashita! Expect some kind of preview here real soon.

Album reviews 
The music press directs its steely gaze towards the tsunami. Check out the new reviews from Careless Talk, Bang, Rock Sound and others here...

High scores! 
Girlinky games have high score tables. Now you can display your game-playing prowess to the world.

The game of the album 
The I want the tsunami! game is now up 'n' running featuring booze-guzzling 3d-maze action.

I want the tsunami!
The tsunami is unleashed! Details of the debut album, preview tracks and artwork can all be found here... Release night gig is the 21st Feb.

All new badges 
Tired of your worn out accessories? Now you can be the envy of your easily impressed friends with these all new Girlinky badges. Mail us if you want one.

Hai Wakarimashita! 
The new single 'Hai Wakarimashita!' hits the shops this month with distribution from Shellshock. More...

Radio Radio 
Girlinky have been playlisted on Moonpies For Misfits Radio for Live365. The 'Linkies are in good company on the show with the likes of Comet Gain, Yo La Tengo, Smog, Beat Happening, Bikini Kill, Pixies, Superchunk, Blonde Redhead, Guided By Voices, White Stripes, Ash...

Big in Japan? 
Following interest in Japan, Girlinky now have both 'Hai Wakarimashita' and 'My Huge Head' available through Osaka-based distributor Syft Records. We can only hope this means a forthcoming tour and unlimited supplies of Pocky.

You can't pin that on me 
To express your oblique love for Girlinky and obsolete computers in one go, you can now sport snazzly 'Hai Wakarimashita' badges. Email us if you're after one and have so far been disappointed.

Action in Europe 
The 'Linkies head off on a brief road trip across France and Italy to seek art and fine wines and catch up with Girlinky-friendly Best Kept Secret.