Combining the powers of the globe (well, England, Scotland, New Zealand and Canada anyway), Girlinky liked to live in a world where pop could be trashy, loungy, feisty and heady and catchy words didn't have to be trite or fatuous.

Sharing a love for cranked guitars, analogue electronica, shouting and unpredictable behaviour, Chris, Rob, Sarah and Scott united their powers for the forces of good from 2001 - 2005.

Girlinky released four singles, 'It's The Sugar Rush', 'My Huge Head', 'Hai Wakarimashita!' and 'Newspaper Round' and a debut album, 'I Want the Tsunami!', on their own Dedear Records and distributed by Shellshock.

Press releases & reviews
It's The Sugar Rush
7" single, released Mar '05
Press release
Newspaper Round
7" single, released Jul '04
Press release
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I Want The Tsunami
Debut album, released Mar '03
Press release
- Reviews
Hai Wakarimashita
7" single, released Oct '02
My Huge Head
CD single, released Oct '01
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